When you leave, we will send with the right products to style your hair, and great tips so that you can achieve the same styling results at home.

Styling products

Kevin Murphy

  • Washes (shampoo)
  • Rinses (conditioner)

Hydrate Wash & Rinse, Angel Wash & Rinse, Young Again Wash & Rinse, Repair Me Wash & Rinse, Plumping Wash & Rinse, Smooth Again Wash & Rinse, Stimulate Wash & Rinse for Men

After all colors, we use Restore and Staying Alive Spray to hold your color.  You can also purchase Restore and Staying Alive to take home.

Kevin Murphy has the right Wash and Rinse for your hair!


  • Styling

Antigravity Spray & Lotion, Full Again, Smooth Again, Killer Curls, Killer Waves, Untangle, Body Builder Mousse, Powder Puff


  • Creams/Styling Paste

Undressed Natural Style Creme, Rough Rider Strong Hold Matte Clay, Easy Rider Anti Frizz Creme, Night Rider Maximum Texture Paste, Free Hold Medium Hold Paste


  • Treatments

Young Again Treatment, Body Mass Treatment, Shimmer Shine, Shimmer Me Blonde


  • Hair Spray

Bedroom Hair Flexible Texturising Spray, Doo.Over Dry Powder Finishing Spray, Session Finishing Spray

Additional Back Bar Kevin Murphy Treatments are available with color services or just to give your hair a treatment before your cut and style.  Ask your Stylists.

Yes, Kevin Murphy is from Australia, hence the different terms and names for his products.  He started adding skin care creams to his hair products to enhance the model’s look for photo shoots.   Regular hair styling products were not achieving the look he wanted, so he borrowed from the make up artist working with him.  All the hair care products feel fabulous!



  • Shaper and Shaper Plus Hair Spray


  • Extra Firm Gel
  • Spray Gel